We at MICROBITEC CORPORATION are committed to working with you to make your establishment a cleaner and safer place. We understand that a beverage sanitization program for both the product and beverage retailer will benefit the hospitality industry by setting a standard of proven and accepted methodology.We offer the BEVERAGE CERTIFICATION PROGRAM to the hospitality industry to ensure consumer and customer confidence while at the same time reducing down time, spoilage and lost revenue from a lack of required and routine preventative maintenance and sanitization.clean beer, clean draft beer, contaminated beer lines, contaminated beer lines, contaminated beer, contaminated beverages, smelly beer, smelly beverages, sanitization, disinfection, beer line cleaning, hygene programs, sanitation act, illness related to beer, beer, soft drink, pop, corbonated beverages, cross contamination, re-fermented beer, draft beer, draught beer, Molson beer, labatt beer, health code